Bottled Water

Choice Water Coolers can be installed anywhere in the home or workplace requiring only a standard 13 amp plug socket for power and a footprint generally no more than a square foot. Of course the countertop models are always on hand for those areas where floor space is at a premium or unavailable.

Our bottled mineral water is supplied in 19 litre recyclable plastic bottles. These bottles are compatible for use on 99% of bottled water coolers.

There may be areas where a POU cooler may be more cost effective and beneficial e.g. a workplace with large numbers of staff consuming vast quantities of bottled water.

Marine desalination

We are Premier Dealers for suppliers of commercial and pleasure craft desalination systems.

Land desalination

In 2000 we commissioned two sea water desalination systems for The Municipal of Gibraltar. Each plant produces 1000 m3/day (1 Million litres/day) of drinking water.

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