Municipal Supply of Water in Gibraltar

Lyonnaise Des Eaux (Gibraltar) Limited, now AquaGib Limited, awarded Uni-Flo Services Ltd. (UFSL) a project to upgrade their portable water production. UFSL supplied, installed and commissioned two sea water reverse osmosis desalination systems capable of producing 1,000m3/day per day of portable water (To European drinking water quality standards) for consumption locally.

Installation, Gibralter

In 2007 AquaGib awarded the second phase of the installation, increasing the output of the plant to 4,400 m3/day, sufficient to support 100% of Gibraltar's then current Municipal requirements.

Installation of the system was made more difficult by the client's request to utilise redundant chambers, previously used by the military, located some 150+ metres inside "The Rock".

Marine desalination

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Case history

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