Uni-Flo, specialists in water treatment have supplied all types of land based and sea based desalination systems for producing drinking and process water.

The land based applications use reverse osmosis systems can be categorised as two types; mains towns water system typically running on low pressure and brackish water type, where typical uses would be to treat ground water or in desert areas, where feed water quality is largely inconsistent due to differing aquifer levels brought about by heavy or no rainfall.

Osmosis Plant

We have supplied, installed and commissioned pre-treatment filtration, RO with triple sequence pumping arrangement and chemical dosing equipment to various oil and gas companies in The Algerian oilfield. These bespoke systems have proved over the years to deliver good quality drinking/site water and have proved they can operate very successfully in desert conditions. The sites utilise a ring main type distribution system.

Sea water systems can be operated in coastal areas which may also require pre filtration stages for varying water quality, particularly when open sea water intakes are used instead of beach well supply which is preferred.

Brackish water RO systems tend to be larger and more robust than the tap water models due to the extra pressures required to desalinate the water with higher levels of total dissolved solids (TDS).

These economical low pressure tap water, 'plug and play' off the shelf ROs are aimed at the small to medium market where an improvement on mains drinking water quality is a given however, these can be used in the production of demineralised water (DI water) used for battery top up or window cleaning spot free rinsing, by increasing the life of the DI resin substantially.

Marine desalination

We are Premier Dealers for suppliers of commercial and pleasure craft desalination systems.

Land desalination

In 2000 we commissioned two sea water desalination systems for The Municipal of Gibraltar. Each plant produces 1000 m3/day (1 Million litres/day) of drinking water.

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