POU Installations

At Choice Water we offer free telephone advice on the type of installation a client would be most suited to. Should you have offices or factories consuming large quantities of bottled water or you simply have a fixed budget, POU water coolers should be a consideration. They save time and aid staff, by them not having to lift heavy bottles and save space by removing the need for storing bottles and racks.

Our installation of all plumbed-to-mains (PTM) water coolers utilise direct connection to mains water providing an uninterrupted supply of filtered water.

There are always areas that may not have a rising main cold water supply and therefore would not be acceptable for installation of POU coolers; especially in remote locations or temporary buildings such as a Portakabin. For those occasions our range of bottled water coolers would be more appropriate.

Marine desalination

We are Premier Dealers for suppliers of commercial and pleasure craft desalination systems.

Land desalination

In 2000 we commissioned two sea water desalination systems for The Municipal of Gibraltar. Each plant produces 1000 m3/day (1 Million litres/day) of drinking water.

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