Water Coolers

Since 2000 we have supplied clients with Water Coolers in and around Yorkshire and Humberside regions.

The Water Dispensers come in two types; Point of Use (POU) and Bottled Water. There is a range of Desktop, Floor Standing and Under Sink models available, each supplying either: Cold Only, Hot and Cold or Ambient and Cold, commonly referred to as ‘Cook & Cold’.

Besides supplying Choice Water Coolers to our residential and business clients, we provide a complete service to Hull and East Riding Local Authorities. Schools, Colleges and Leisure Centres also benefit from having our Water Dispensers on site with Stainless Steel Water Fountains also playing a large part in high use areas. Re-hydration of Students and Staff promotes awareness and a healthy lifestyle.

The general medical opinion recommends we drink at least eight glasses of water every day. A Lack of water can lead to symptoms such as fatigue and headaches and, as our bodies lose water throughout the day, it’s very important to replace this regularly.

Water Filter Information

Water Filters come in numerous sizes and a wide range of compositions, e.g. pleated, wool, string and Granular Activated Carbon (GAC). Reverse Osmosis (RO) membranes are the ultimate in water filtration and more information can be found here.

Commercial SRC

Uni-Flo, specialists in water treatment, continue to design and supply bespoke water filtration and RO systems to treat tap water, factory process water and sea water (please see land based applications page). From basic carbon filters for American style fridges and under sink filter systems, to large cartridge filter housings and filters for whole house. We also supply Multi Media Filters (MMFs), made up from one or more of a complete range of FRP or GRP vessels; accompanied by one or a selection of bagged filter media, e.g. GAC, garnet, C100E softener resin, MB400 DI resin and filter sand.

Deionised or Demineralised Water, commonly referred to as DI water, as used by window cleaners, glass manufacturers and glass finishers alike, is produced by taking very good quality water, if possible RO water, and passing this through a DI resin filled vessel. We supply a comprehensive range of Cabinet, Simplex and Duplex Water Softeners and associated consumables, to cater for residential and commercial applications alike.

Water Softeners

Cabinet Water Softeners - Download a brochure

Simplex Water Softeners - Download a brochure

Duplex Water Softeners - Download a brochure

Marine desalination

We are Premier Dealers for suppliers of commercial and pleasure craft desalination systems.

Land desalination

In 2000 we commissioned two Sea Water Desalination Systems for The Municipal of Gibraltar. Each plant produces 1000 m3/day (1 Million litres/day) of drinking water.

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